Monday, December 3, 2007

Friendship and the Moral Life~Preface

*This book is an argument for another way to think about the moral life (xiii).

*Aristotle articulated "Friendships are not only enjoyable, they are also highly morally formative" (xiii).

* "The moral life is the seeking of and growing in the good in the company of friends who also want to be good" (xiii).

* "This book argues that the central concern of the moral life is the formation of a good and worthy character, the development of virtues that will help guide us to authentic human flourishing" (xiv).

* "Virtues are habits we develope by practice, but we learn what it means to practice a particular virtue and have the opportunity to grow in it through relationships with others who share our hunger for the good" (xiv).

* "This book is an invitation to open up our sense of the moral life" (xv).

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