Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Wadell on the Purpose of Morality and the Goal of Friendship

Questions for discussion and further thought:

Charity, Wadell says, is supposed to "[change] us unto God" (137). He also says that "The purpose of the moral life is to make our way to God, to return to God through love" (127). How much is the point of Christian morality for this life (if at all), and how much is for the next life, or life after death?

Wadell claims that Thomas thinks a friendship is like a certain kind of conversation. In a conversation, people come together for the purpose of discussing things. Thus Wadell says that "the focus of a friendship is not primarily the friends but the good which joins them" (136). Does this mean we choose our friends? If the focus is not the person or the friend, but rather the good, then what must this mean for friendship with God? What is the focus in that relationship?

Wadell explains how Thomas believes friendship with God is possible and how "fullest self is acquired" in this friendship (140). Is friendship with God alone enough for the moral life? Why or why not? If we need other people, then to what extent are these friendships important?

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